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If you liked iBaReS - Backup tool for iPhone and iPod Touch, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  compnews (http://webalias.com/compnews)
A computer news and opinion site with articles, a discussion board, and collection of relevant links.
2.  RO_MA (http://webalias.com/RO_MA)
RO_MA's Windows CE Home Page contains free software, funny backgrounds and much more for your h/pc!
3.  mdalves (http://webalias.com/mdalves)
Information on CASIO, PDA, DISK-PIZZA etc
4.  TosaEast (http://webalias.com/TosaEast)
Wauwatosa East High Is a High School In Wauwatosa Wisco
5.  manifold (http://webalias.com/manifold)
the Manifold by Jeremy Klukan programming duke3d quake 2 diablo shockwave books games
6.  LOOKUSUP (http://webalias.com/LOOKUSUP)
Shop for Computers, Clothing, Jewelry, Wigs,Cameras Hat Pins,Art, Airplanes, Jackets, Laptops, Software,
7.  technology (http://webalias.com/technology)
New! Technology and Items has many different articles and reviews about computers and other related topics.
8.  PittsComputer (http://webalias.com/PittsComputer)
PittsComputer is a registered remarketer of new & refurbished computers & software
9.  products (http://webalias.com/products)
Name Brand products below wholesale:general merchandise jewelry,golf,watches,discount travel & long distance.
10.  spree.com (http://thrill.to/spree.com)
SPREE.COM - Superstore! - Books,Movies, Music and the #1 growing business opportunity in North America!
11.  HANDHELD-PC (http://thrill.to/HANDHELDPC)
SPREE SUPERSTORES - Handheld PC's ,PDA's & More! Secure Ordering & Sale Prices! Also - Earn Income !
12.  nova3d (http://webalias.com/nova3d)
Buy Books,Movies, Music, Flowers, and free web space! Earn commissions on all customers that you referred!
13.  ProphetXTC (http://thrill.to/ProphetXTC)
Video Games, Sound, Computers, Music
14.  IzzyHack (http://thrill.to/IzzyHack)
IzzyHack Software - Quality s/w for the Psion Palmtops. Core Control - Information, Ref, Trivia and Stuff!!!
15.  8110 FAQ (http://thrill.to/8110FAQ)
Tips and tricks for Nokia 8110, especially mobile communications stuff
16.  Perry Ismangil (http://browser.to/PerryIsmangil)
Perry Ismangil's main site on the Web! Mobile communications, distributed learning, and more.
17.  kyle_bulls (http://webalias.com/kyle_bulls)
yahoo codes
18.  rama.it (http://browser.to/rama.it)
software tech articles about NT and programming, certification: MCSE, Lotus etc., ski and related news
SPREE.COM - DAILY SALE ITEM SPECIALS -Get Paid To Shop! Write "terryorr" As Sponsor To Signup For Cashback!
20.  Free Web Site and Shop (http://browser.to/FreeWebSiteandShop)
Get a Free websiteand make money@spree. We have books Cd's,"rock,country,Blues,"etc,Videos,Flowers,Palmtop
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